Navigating the AI frontier: Engage's take on the Gallagher State of the Sector Report

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Apr 4, 2024
Internal Communication

Like many employee communication agencies, we at Engage eagerly anticipate the release of the Gallagher State of the Sector Report each year, and the latest edition has certainly lived up to our expectations. A standout feature of this year's report is its deep dive into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) within the realm of internal communications, revealing a landscape as untamed as the Wild West for many organisations.

The AI challenge: A lack of direction

Despite the rapid uptake of AI technologies, the report uncovers a striking detail: a staggering 71% of organisations are navigating without any AI protocols for their internal communicators. This oversight has left a significant number of communicators (13%) uncertain about their organisation's use of AI, highlighting a vast uncharted territory in the strategic application of AI.

The silver lining in AI adoption

However, amidst the widespread uncertainty, there emerges a beacon of hope. Organisations with a strategic approach to AI are more optimistic about its ability to address two of the most pressing challenges for 2024: time constraints and financial limitations. Those who have embraced AI in their communications strategy report a boost in confidence, believing in AI's power to reduce workloads and elevate the quality of their communications.

The human touch in a digital age

In this era of technological advancement, we at Engage value the unparalleled importance of human connection in communication. The report shows that more than 84% of communicators depend on managers for effective communication across key areas such as strategy, culture, and organisational change. Yet, there's a noticeable gap, with many communicators dissatisfied with the quality of management-led communications.

To bridge this divide, organisations are turning to a variety of approaches to improve communication outcomes. These include on-demand learning, dedicated forums for managers, and one-to-one coaching, with a notable emphasis on evaluating managers on their communication skills to ensure they meet or exceed expectations.

Prioritising communicator wellbeing

The wellbeing of communicators is another critical area spotlighted in the report, with nearly 38% noting a decline in their wellbeing in 2023. Factors such as reduced employee engagement, lack of leadership support, and the pressure to do more with less have all contributed to this worrying trend.

Meeting the demands of the digital age  

We urge our readers to explore the insights offered by the Gallagher State of the Sector report. Understanding the current landscape is crucial for developing a communication strategy that is both effective and empathetic, meeting the demands of the digital age head-on.  

By embracing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, while also valuing the essence of human connection, organisations can create a more engaging, inclusive, and productive workplace environment.

At Engage, the leading employee communication agency in the Middle East, we understand the complexities and opportunities presented by AI in today's digital age. We're here to help your organisation navigate these challenges by crafting bespoke AI guidelines that ensure your use of technology is both strategic and effective.  

Furthermore, we specialise in enhancing manager-led communications to preserve the human touch that's so crucial for meaningful engagement. With our expertise, your organisation can embrace the best of both worlds: the efficiency of AI and the irreplaceable value of personal connection. Let Engage guide you towards a more connected, inclusive, and productive workplace.

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