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Sep 12, 2023
Internal Communication

Today, we're diving headfirst into the world of internal communication channels, where the magic of effective employee engagement comes to life. At Engage, we believe in harnessing the power of diverse communication channels to create exceptional employee experiences. So, grab your thinking caps, and let's explore the effectiveness of these channels together.

1) Embrace the multitude of options

Variety truly is the spice of life. We advocate for embracing a multitude of options to cater to the diverse communication needs of your employees. After all, different individuals have different preferences and habits when it comes to staying informed. From email and instant messaging to intranets and collaboration platforms, each channel offers unique advantages. By leveraging a mix of channels, you can create a rich and interconnected communication ecosystem that keeps your employees engaged and informed. However, it's important to strike a balance and maintain a central point of truth, such as your intranet, where employees can reliably find all the information they need.

2) Unleash the power of email

Ah, good old email—the tried-and-true workhorse of internal communications. Email remains a vital channel for delivering important updates, announcements, and longer-form content. However, in a sea of overflowing inboxes, it's crucial to have a clear and effective employee email strategy in place. Without one, important messages can easily get lost, leading to confusion and disengagement. At Engage, we specialise in crafting email communications that go beyond the ordinary. With our strategic design, compelling content, and personalized approach, we transform traditional emails into powerful tools for employee engagement.

Remember to:

  • Captivate attention with eye-catching subject lines.
  • Streamline layouts for clear communication.
  • Use visuals that enhance engagement.
  • Utilise clear calls-to-action.

3) Harness the potential of instant messaging

In today's dynamic work environment, instant messaging has emerged as a powerful tool for real-time collaboration and quick information exchange. Platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and dedicated internal messaging apps like WhatsApp have revolutionised workplace communication. We recognise the potential of instant messaging as a channel for fostering team cohesion, encouraging feedback, and promoting a sense of belonging. However, it's crucial to establish clear guidelines to maximise the benefits while addressing potential challenges.

Guidelines may include setting specific hours for work-related instant messaging, discouraging the use of profanity, and emphasising the importance of respectful and professional communication. By establishing these expectations, you create a healthy and conducive environment for collaboration and limit any potential drawbacks.

4) Build thriving intranet communities and collaboration platforms

Your company intranet is more than just a repository of documents—it's a digital hub for building thriving communities. Engage works with a number of international partners that specialise in transforming intranets into vibrant spaces where employees can connect, share knowledge, and stay updated. With intuitive navigation, engaging content, and interactive features, we work with our preferred partners to breathe life into your intranet, making it a go-to destination for your employees' communication needs.

5) Amplify engagement with video

Video has become an increasingly popular and engaging communication medium. We excel at leveraging the power of video to deliver compelling messages, create memorable training experiences, and cultivate a sense of community. Whether through live streaming, recorded messages, or interactive video content, we help you harness the emotional impact of visual storytelling to captivate and inspire your employees.

Video is also an exceptional medium for enhancing the profile and visibility of your leadership team. With its engaging and dynamic nature, video captures the attention of employees and brings leadership to life in a personal and relatable way. Through video, leaders can showcase their expertise, share insights, and convey their vision and values directly to the workforce. This creates a stronger connection between leaders and employees, fostering trust, transparency, and a sense of shared purpose.

6) Prioritise face-to-face communication

Nothing can replace face-to-face communication for effectiveness. There is a certain magic that happens when leaders and employees connect in person, whether it's through town hall meetings, workshops, or leadership "walk the floor" initiatives.

Face-to-face interactions allow for genuine human connections and a deeper level of engagement. Town hall meetings in particular, provide a platform for leaders to directly address the entire organisation, share important updates, and answer questions in real-time. This open and interactive forum fosters transparency, builds trust, and empowers employees to actively participate in the conversation.

At the Engage Group, we understand that every organisation has its own unique communication needs and culture. That's why we offer tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our expertise allows us to assess your organisational dynamics, recommend the most effective channels, and customise their implementation to ensure seamless integration and maximum impact. Say and start driving success from the inside out.

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