Employee comms: why you need specialists to do the job

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Jan 27, 2023
Internal Communication

There’s a common misconception that internal or employee communication is merely a part of PR, and that tactics for external communication can be applied internally. The reality is very different, which is why there has been a major uptick in demand for specialist employee communication agencies such as Engage Me, as organisations realise that what we offer is unique.

While both internal and external agencies are focused on harnessing the power of communication to persuade and develop relationships with their respective audiences, the type of relationships created are very different. Think of these relationships as friendships, which come in all manners and forms.

employee communication

The fun friend

PR and marketing are like that fun friend of yours: they are always there for the party, the big moment, and the fun experience. They may have been your friend for years and years, but you only see them on occasion and not on a day-to-day basis. Your relationship probably began when you were wooed over by their charisma and charm. But while they mean well, they don’t really know how to help with the small stuff, when times are tough, or when things are boring but necessary. They are not the friend that you’ll call when you need help moving, or need a lift to the airport, or when you simply need someone to talk to over a cup of tea. For that, you turn to the dependable friend.

The dependable friend

A dependable friend is a stable part of your life, there on a daily basis, be it via a phone call, a pop-in visit, or just a daily check-in message. They know who you are right down to the core, they know when you need them, you have a relationship built on trust and loyalty, and you feel comfortable talking to them about everything: the big things, the worrying things, important life changes, and the mundane. You’ve grown together through good times and bad, and you can count on them no matter what. And because they really understand you, they also know how to throw a great party when there’s something to celebrate.

Which friend do you want to be?

As an organisation, you want a meaningful relationship with your employees: you want to be the ‘dependable friend’ who is in a constant conversation, sharing information so that there are no surprises, miscommunication, or lapses in communication. This constant communication, when done right, builds trust and understanding, creating a genuine relationship and an engaging employee experience.

A good friend doesn’t hide the truth from you or make everything sound great: they’re honest and offer authentic conversations. Unlike PR, employee communication needs to keep flowing, even when the news is less positive, or when unpopular or tough decisions have been made – without all the spin and hype. When gaps in conversation appear or when communication seems to be hiding something or spinning bad news as a positive, trust is lost. When employees can’t trust what they hear, they can become sceptical, and engagement drops.

Creating an emotional connection

Effective employee communication creates an emotional connection with both your people and the organisation, just as in a healthy friendship. When done well, it influences your employee experience and creates a space for your culture to develop, a platform from which your leaders can lead, and a mouthpiece through which your employees can hold leadership to account.

At, we blend behavioural psychology and communication expertise with impactful creativity. This means that you get access to specialists from copywriters and designers to business strategists, psychologists, change experts and HR consultants, all under one roof.

We know how to communicate with your people, harnessing the power of employee communication to deliver better employee experiences, foster a unique workplace culture, communicate purpose and strategy, embed new ways of working, and improve overall engagement. And when your employees succeed, your organisation succeeds.
As the region’s leading employee communication and experience experts, we can help. Say hello@engagemeconsulting.com for more information.

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